Hollie Barrie was born in Rochford Essex, she was brought up in a house where music was played all the time, from a young age her mum and dad played music every Sunday into the house which was anything from Queen, Pink Floyd, Tina Turner, Michael Jackson, Roy Orbison to the latest top 40.

Hollie says Music to me always represented fun and excitement, my sisters and I would all run down stairs and start dancing.

At the age of 18 a music course opportunity arose with the Prince Trust, after the course finished the organisers of the event approached Hollie to perform at a private event, apart from when and where the gig was to be held, no other details were given as it was all top secret. To Hollie delight and utter shock, she had been picked to perform for HRH Prince Charles, I couldnt believe it when I saw him walking towards me, i remember thinking, do i curtsy, bow, shake hands, what?  I mean its not everyday you meet a Prince!

Hollie goes onto say We spoke for quite a long time, he was so lovely and it was a pleasure to share my musical dream with him.

At the end of the event one of the organisers run up and told Hollie that HRH Prince Charles said ˜The young lady Hollie has a fantastic talent and somebody needs to discover her. I was in utter shock and happiness and from that day on, i have been on my musical journey with his words still repeating in my head.

Since then, Hollie has been working hard on mastering her music, she has performed twice for Radio 1 BCM Ultimate after party, interviewed with Radio 1 Dave Pearce, performances also include Radio performance at Essex FM, Dream 107.7, Classic Gold,  BBC Essex and 2010 saw her first ever performance at Gay Prides around the UK, Hollie The support has been amazing, I love performing live, the energy of the crowd is always out of this world.

Hollie goes onto say that To dream is to be alive, we are all in control of our destiny.

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